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#heartunions is a TUC initiative to showcase the amazing work unions do. This will provide a way to increase the involvement of union members in the campaign, build awareness of the Trade Union Bill and tell positive union stories to the wider public.

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feb 2016

Monday 29th February is Leap Day. That extra day in the year which comes round every four.

This year, we are encouraging unions and their branches to organise specific workplace activities to promote our opposition to the Trade Union Bill and to focus on organising and recruitment in the workplace. The activities will build on the #heartunions week of action.

What you can do

Contact your employer: Many Scottish employers, particularly those in the public sector, have stated their opposition to the Trade Union Bill and committed to continuing to positively engage with unions. You can contact you employers and seek their agreement for facilities and support to promote membership sign-up and advertise the work of the union. We hope that many employers will grant additional facility time for these activities.

Hold a special workplace meeting or event: If your employer is not willing to agree to additional time-off or special arrangements you may still be able to hold a lunchtime or evening meeting on a subject of your choosing. Promoting a specific campaign, activity or union service.

Hold a street stall or leaflet your workplace: You could un a street stall or leaflet a train station before work or organise a rally or lunchtime walkout? Whatever you do, make sure you ask at least one other person to join a union – because together, we are stronger.

What the STUC will do The STUC will be contacting politicians and civil society organisations to seek their support for the Day of Action, either as employers or more generally. We will promote activities through the media and social media.

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